Unique Water-Saving Gadgets

Posted By The Eco Plumbers 7 Oct. 2014
Water conservation is one of the most important ways we can contribute to the health of our planet. In spite of so many modern inventions, we waste more water than ever when we are at home. Fortunately, companies are designing more and more products to encourage water-saving habits, which makes it easier for each person to play their part.

The Best Gadgets on the Market
Numerous gadgets provide assistance for people truly committed to conserving water. Some of our favorites include:

ECO Showerdrop
This handy little gadget measures how much water you use each time you get in the shower. A four-minute shower isn’t always the solution for saving water, since every shower uses different amounts of water in a given time period. Use the Showerdrop to measure how much water you use and know when it’s time to get out. Eventually you’ll develop a regular routine, so you won’t need the device as much.

Water butt
We should never let rainwater go to waste. Instead of using the hose when warm weather returns, have your rainwater ready to do the job instead.

Tap inserts
While washing your hands under a tiny trickle isn’t ideal, there’s no reason to waste water during the process either. Tap inserts add aeration to the water to help conserve water while keep a steady stream coming out of the faucet.

Eco shower heads
One of our favorite fixtures, many of these shower heads now feature configurations to preserve pressure while reducing the amount of water used. We love this concept!

Ready to start conserving water? Contact the experts at The Eco Plumbers to learn more!

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