How do Waterless Urinals Work?

Posted By The Eco Plumbers 15 Oct. 2014
With green appliances becoming more and more popular, many businesses and homeowners are choosing waterless urinals. These devices are more eco-friendly than conventional urinals, as they don’t use any water. They also save money, as flushing a urinal is more expensive in water cost than you might think. But how do waterless urinals work?

Waterless urinals look about the same as conventional urinals. However, they lack a water intake pipe, as this part is unnecessary. They are used in the same way as regular urinals. Instead of requiring a flush, however, the waterless urinal drains itself with gravity. They have outflow pipes connecting to whatever conventional plumbing system a building has, so the waste goes directly to a water treatment plant. They are therefore clean, eco-friendly, inexpensive, and can be installed to work with almost any existing plumbing system.

The differential cost among models of waterless urinals is primarily a result of the different drain technology. Some models have a trap in the drain that can be filled with water and a kind of oil. This limits any odor that a waterless urinal might have. These models are more expensive, ranging up to $600, and traps must be regularly replaced. A regular no-flush urinal without a trap comes with a simple plug drain. This can be as low as $40.

For all budgets and plumbing systems, there are waterless urinals available. As technology advances in green appliances, more and more business and homeowners can take advantage of these eco-conscious and pocketbook-friendly solutions.

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