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Posted By The Eco Plumbers 15 Dec. 2017
Most people often overlook the importance of their kitchens’ garbage disposal units until those units break down. Individuals are also often unaware of how to repair the damage without assistance. It can be dangerous to work on a garbage disposal unit without the assistance of a professional, so here are 3 signs you might want to call a plumber to help you with your sink problem.

Sign #1: Frequent Clogging
Garbage disposal units are designed to help break down food items, so those particulates don’t clog the drain. If your drainpipe is beginning to clog, it might mean your disposal isn’t effectively grinding down waste. Even if the disposal unit isn’t at fault, you will need a plumber to look into the issue and see what is causing it.

Sign #2: Major Leaks
If you look under your sink one day and see a puddle of water, you might have a problem with your unit. Leaks can happen around the disposal unit, such as in the sink flange. If these leaks are huge, it might be less expensive to have the disposal replaced than to repair the leaks or the potential water damage.

Sign #3: Reset Frequency
If your garbage disposal unit is dying regularly, it may be because the unit is too old. Large clogs can cause the reset button to pop out and cause power loss in the disposal; while, pressing the reset will restore power, a frequent need to do this may mean the motor is failing.

If you’re concerned about the health of your unit, talk to one of our skilled Columbus green plumbers as soon as possible. We can offer dedicated technicians whose expertise has helped countless individuals with their plumbing issues. Let us see what we can do for you.

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