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We know your time and budget can be stretched thin – so why not consider monthly financing as low as $26/month for a new hot water heater professionally installed now?

Enhance your home’s comfort and efficiency with the installation of a new water heater. There are several aspects to consider when choosing the best water heater for your home’s needs, standard tank or tankless, gas or electric, and even the size of the unit!

Our technicians will go over the best options for you and your home and thoroughly explain the benefits and costs during your free in-home estimate appointment. Our highly trained technician will consider all factors like the size of your home, how many gallons of water you use daily, how much space you have for your water heater installation, and much more!

Whether it’s a traditional gas/electric or tankless water heater, our 5-star techs will assess your home’s hot water fixtures and explain the benefits and costs of all options – upfront.

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If your water heater is struggling, leaking, unreliable or over 12 years old, it’s time to start looking at a replacement.

We install, maintain and repair:

  • Gas hot water heater
  • Electric hot water heater
  • Tankless “on-demand” hot water heaters
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What’s Inside Your Water Heater?

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As your trusted neighborhood plumbers, you can count on our Happiness Guarantees to give you the confidence you deserve. Call us today for any of your plumbing installation sewer line repair, or water heater needs. We guarantee the service will be done right everytime.

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Why Tankless Water Heater

Advantages of Tankless Hot Water Heaters

With tankless hot water heaters you only pay to heat the water that you use. Unlike traditional water heaters, a tankless (also called “on-demand”) does not store hot water. It heats cold water only when you turn on a hot water faucet. When it’s off, the tankless unit stops heating the water.

  • Reduced water heating costs – up to 25%
  • Unlimited supply of hot water
  • Small amount of space required (usually wall hung)
  • Lasts longer than traditional hot water heaters

We’ll give you the expert range of hot water heater options from our trained and certified plumbing technicians, so you have the comfort and peace of mind to make an informed decision before any work is started.

Financing Plans

Eco Plumbers, Electricians, and HVAC Technicians offer Financing Plans to cover everything plumbing in your home.

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How can I tell if a water heater installation service is licensed and insured?

Licensing requirements vary by state, but the best way to ensure that a water heater installation service is licensed and insured is to ask for proof of these credentials before agreeing to services. A reputable company should be happy to provide proof of their licensing upon request. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that any contractor you hire carries ample liability insurance in case of accidents or damage while they are working on your project.

What factors should I consider when selecting an installer?

There are many factors you should consider when selecting an installer for your water heater replacement or installation. Consider asking potential installers about the type and brand of water heater systems they specialize in, their experience with similar installations, and any warranties or guarantees that come with their services. It’s also important to ask about the cost of installation and any additional fees that may apply.

How long does a typical water heater installation take?

The amount of time it takes to complete a water heater installation varies depending on several factors such as the size and complexity of the project. However, most water heater replacements can be completed within one day. If you are having a new system installed or an existing one replaced, it will likely take several days to complete as there is additional work involved such as adding insulation or making adjustments to your home’s plumbing.

What is the most common problem with water heaters?

The most common problem with water heaters is typically that the water tank produces too little hot water. Usually, this can be solved by turning up the temperature on the tank’s thermostat. Be careful, however, not to turn the temperature up too high, as this can produce scalding hot water.

How long does it take to install a new water heater?

On average, replacing a gas or electric water heater with a similar model takes around two to three hours. The process usually takes between 45 to 60 minutes to drain, disconnect, and remove your old water heater.

How many years does a water heater last?

Typically, a residential water heater lasts between six and thirteen years. After twelve years you will probably start to experience issues with your water heater.