A letter from Aaron Gaynor, owner of Eco Plumbers, Electricians, and HVAC Technicians

The team at The Eco Plumbers is working hard every day to serve our communities’ home plumbing needs. Most days the team’s schedule is filled, and we must prioritize emergencies to protect the health and safety of the community. An emergency sewer backup, gas line leak, a bad water leak, or the loss of hot or clean water must be addressed quickly and moved up in the schedule. Sometimes this causes delays in completing all the service requests during our technicians’ regular hours, 8 AM-8 PM, Monday to Friday. Helping people with emergencies is the main reason we may reach out to rebook an appointment. We understand it’s disappointing when this happens, so we offer service discounts to clients who experience delays to ensure they know just how much we value their business.

The growing shortage of skilled tradespeople across the country also presents challenges for home service companies wishing to provide timely service. More and more houses built each year are continually aging, requiring repairs and replacements. Knowing we must react to these challenges, I would like to share some great news! This year we opened a plumbing training school, The Eco Plumbers University, to bring 100+ people into the trades over the next two years and create more certified plumbers to help serve our community and create new jobs in central Ohio! We must also secure and build out service trucks, even while a supply-chain shortage exists from the pandemic. The recent addition of 20 trucks now makes our service fleet 100 strong!

We value your time and recently added online scheduling to our website so you can see our appointment calendar, add notes, photos and videos and choose the best appointment day for you. We are currently researching best practices in scheduling to maximize convenience without sacrificing quality.

I am extending a personal thank you for your patience as we work hard to continuously improve and solve issues in ways that better meet your needs. As the largest, best-trained team of plumbing service technicians in central Ohio, you have my promise that we remain dedicated to providing you with the 5-star service experience you deserve—from beginning to end!


Aaron Gaynor


Saving the day, protecting the future.™

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